Certified Will Planner Course


Upon successful completion of the course, you will:

  1. Acquire some proven, practical and professional knowledge on the relevant topics;
  2. Be able to use the knowledge acquired to help people understand the importance of having a valid Will and making a nomination;
  3. Be entitled to a VIP code and represent our company to offer Will writing, safe keeping and probate assistance service and enjoy our prompt and professional service support;
  4. Be entitled to invite guests to our ‘Wills & Trusts Workshop’ free-of-charge;
  5. Enjoy 30% commission on Will writing and safekeeping service done through you;
  6. Enjoy 10% referral fee on Probate and Letters of Administration matters;
  7. Enjoy 10% referral fee on Trust setup fee received by our trust partners.

For registration please contact: 96912323

For registration please contact: 96912323


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    1. Hi Benny,

      The current fee for the Certified Will Planner course is $499 + GST. Please WhatsApp Gena at 9691 2323 for more information.